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Minority Business Development Center

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit, entrepreneurial organization focused on innovative ways to grow minority businesses and a skilled workforce. Our mission is to educate and empower those wishing to achieve and maintain financial independence for themselves and the community.


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The Minortiy Business Development Center offers a wide range of business education assistance and workforce development. We stand ready to help guide you to success!

Office Incubator


Office A:   Unavailable
Office B:   15' X 12'
Office C:   10' X 12'
Office D:   10' X 12'
Office E:     9' X 12'

Cubicles F - I:    Unavailable

Call 309-966-3989 - ext. 4 for Monthly/Hourly Rates or Email: info@mbdcpeoria.org

Online Business Directory

Business Address & Mailbox Services

Business Mail receives professional handling

Google type searches will show a business location
Allows 'home-based' businesses to establish commercial credit
Call 309-966-3989 - ext. 4 for Yearly Rates or Email: info@mbdcpeoria.org